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Our team of experts is here to guide you through every step of the construction process. We provide you with 3D designs and blueprints to help you visualize the project, and keep you frequently updated on the building process itself before standing beside you to reveal the finished product compare to other Construction Companies in San Jose.

Service Overview

There are so many different versions of the very best dwelling spaces. For some, it’s a custom-made home built from scratch. For others, it’s the kitchen remodel they’ve been dreaming of for the last 10 years. For others yet, it’s a shiny new coat of paint to refresh the house they love.

At the end of the day, you know your needs best. Our mission is to take your vision and deliver the optimal building results thanks to our years of experience and expertise compare to other Construction Companies in San Jose.

Why Choose Us
  • Bay Team designers and builders are committed to the utmost quality
  • A team that guides you from planning, design, and permits through to the final project
  • Over 25 years of design and construction experience in the Bay Area
  • A personal project manager for each client, big or small, and a full support team

Improve your San Jose home with Bay Team Construction remodeling

San Jose is a major metropolis in California that's popular for its rolling hills, and magnificent architectural structures. The city also has a vibrant housing sector and recently won two awards for Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) in California.

As a resident of San Jose interested in revamping your kitchen, bathroom or adding extra rooms to your house, it's recommended to choose experienced construction companies in San Jose for the job, since they will not only deliver quality and creative workmanship, but also know all the building codes that should be adhered to when doing the remodeling. The Bay Team has been rated #1 amongst Construction Companies in San Jose.

At Bay Team Construction, we are the front-run home remodeling company in the region, with highly qualified and skilled technicians always ready for any project you may have. Below are some of the services that we offer:-

I) Kitchen remodeling

We can make your kitchen appear more elegant and modern by installing quality materials such as melamine for the floors and surfaces, this is a glossy, stain resistant, fire resistant and extremely durable product that will make a great addition for floor tiles, countertops and whiteboards. Moreover, at your request we can finish it with a light shade on the top in order to create the kitchen ambiance that you want.

Furthermore, we can put up either framed or frameless European-style cabinets, which are designed in full overlay and with thicker side panels. Unlike their framed counterparts, frameless kitchen cabinets require high levels of precision to fix since even the slightest errors shall be perceivable. This kind of accuracy can only be achieved at Bay Team Construction.

II) Bathroom remodeling

The bathroom is a regularly used part of the home and it's therefore a good decision to remodel it, such that users can always feel comfortable when cleaning up. There are various ideas you can try such as adding LED lights besides the bathroom windows for a calming reflective effect, using frosted-glass lighting fixtures or the less conventional rice paper.

It's also possible to add more ventilation features to your bathroom, so as to increase air circulation and prevent the growth of mold or mildew which often emerge in poorly ventilated areas.

Not only that, but we can also upgrade the bathroom floor with marble, tempered multicolored glass, sandstone or any other water-resistant material of your choice.

III) Room addition

Constructing an extra room in your house will help increase space, without having to relocate to another larger home that may be in an area which you don't prefer living.

Similarly, you may want to put up more rooms to cater to guests when they come to visit for a sleepover. Without having such a facility, your visitors may be forced to sleep in the living room or hire a hotel room in town which is both inconveniencing and demeaning to them.

At Bay Team Construction, you can trust us in building strong, cost-efficient and architecturally sound rooms that will greatly increase the value and functionality of your property. Our technicians are skilled constructors who can put up any size of room within the shortest time possible, including various interior features you may also want added.

To summarise, Bay Team Construction is a reputable home remodeling company serving the residents of San Jose, San Francisco, and the entire Bay Area. For more information about our services, kindly give us a call today.